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Oyster Map of Virginia showing 8 regions.

A Guide To The Flavors Of Virginia Oysters

Virginia’s oysters are as unique and varied as the waters from which they are harvested. Oysters directly reflect the place and take their tastes from the location where they are … More »

National Seafood Month is Here!

October is National Seafood Month. In recognition of this we would like to let you know about the commercial seafood industry, the men and women that work in the industry, … More »


Come by booth #1617 to see Virginia oysters and other Virginia seafood products that the V.M.P.B. will be exhibiting at the S.E.N.A. on March 13th-15th, 2022.  

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November is Virginia Oyster Month!

November is a very special time of year, yes there is Thanksgiving but we are talking about something different that is just as fun and delicious to celebrate, we are … More »

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November Is Virginia Oyster Month

November – December 2014 There are scores of oyster varieties in Virginia from across the seven distinct growing regions, and yes, you can tell a difference in taste from one … More »

Virginia Aquaculture Oyster Growers