October 12, 2022A Guide To The Flavors Of Virginia Oysters

Oyster Map of Virginia showing 8 regions.

Virginia’s oysters are as unique and varied as the waters from which they are harvested. Oysters directly reflect the place and take their tastes from the location where they are cultured. Our coastal waters include a range of salinities from the briny Atlantic to the sweet water of Virginia’s upper Chesapeake Bay on the western shore and all combinations in between. The dynamic nature of our tidal waters also influences the flavors of an oyster from the same location throughout the year. Oysters from the same grower can be different every time you enjoy them. Virginia has eight different regions of Oysters each with their own unique taste based on saltiness, buttery or creaminess, and sweetness. For information on Virginia’s eight regions follow the link below.
A Guide to the Flavors of Virginia Oysters

Virginia Aquaculture Oyster Growers