May 31, 2024Undercurrent News Highlights VMPB & Blue Catfish!

Mike Hutt from the VMPB was recently interviewed by Undercurrent News about the Blue Catfish plaguing the Chesapeake Bay. During Seafood Expo Global the VMPB highlighted Wild Caught Blue Catfish in their showcase as well as sampling it to educate attendees on the high-quality taste and texture of Blue Catfish fillets. Barb Dean-Simmons of Undercurrent News approached Mike during the show to learn more about the introduction of Blue Catfish in Virginia’s waters, it’s rapid population explosion over the years, and how this invasive species has negatively affected native species in our area. Mike Hutt informed her of the wide variety of value from Blue Catfish products as well as the unique opportunities that the Blue Catfish fishery can provide for commercial watermen and women. Mike Hutt also informed her about the steps the Virginia Seafood industry is taking to combat the Blue Catfish population problem and what challenges currently remain. Below is a link to the full article.

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