June 25, 2015Julia Roberson Is Out to Save Our Oysters

June 25, 2015

Julia Roberson Is Out to Save Our Oysters. But She’s No Marine Biologist.
Why you should care | Because: oysters, clams and mussels

It’s a cloudy, gray day along the coast of Virginia, and several people wearing waders are knee-deep in the tide. They peer down at the oyster bed below, while one crew member pokes around with a long contraption. Doing some sort of scientific survey, perhaps? That’s actually a GoPro in the water, and the woman running the show isn’t a marine biologist, but a communications guru with the blue-tinted horn-rimmed glasses to match. It so happens that Julia Roberson, with her bleached-blonde, Bieber-swept hair and Southern twang, is conservationists’ secret weapon against ocean acidification.

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