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Virginia Oyster Month Is Coming To A Close

While we bid farewell to Virginia Oyster Month, we’ve got great news, Virginia Oysters are available year-round! Thanks to the hard-working commercial watermen and advancements in storing and refrigeration techniques … More »

Happy Thanksgiving from the VMPB!

Happy Thanksgiving from the VMPB. Today we are thankful for our wonderful commercial watermen who are often times forced to miss events with their families, be ready at the crack … More »

VMPB NBC 12 Richmond Interview

Mike Hutt, Executive Director, of the Virginia Marine Products Board was on NBC 12 Richmond in a live interview at the top of the 12:00 P.M. hour on November 16, … More »

Benefits Of Oyster Replenishment

Oysters have an enormous positive impact on Virginia’s environment. One adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day! Oysters filter the water and, in the process … More »

A Healthy Choice

Oysters are naturally high in essential vitamins and minerals like iron, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins A, E, and C, Calcium, Zinc, Selenium, and Vitamin B-12. They are also low in … More »

Virginia aquaculture oyster grower with a basket of mature oysters.

Oyster Month 2022 Is Here!

November is Virginia Oyster Month! We use this time to celebrate, Crassostrea virginica, better known as the Oyster. Virginia leads the East Coast in Oyster production and Oyster landings bring … More »

Oyster Map of Virginia showing 8 regions.

A Guide To The Flavors Of Virginia Oysters

Virginia’s oysters are as unique and varied as the waters from which they are harvested. Oysters directly reflect the place and take their tastes from the location where they are … More »

National Seafood Month is Here!

October is National Seafood Month. In recognition of this we would like to let you know about the commercial seafood industry, the men and women that work in the industry, … More »

Virginia Aquaculture Oyster Growers